The Third Annual Undergraduate Ethics Symposium TBA.

This event strives to facilitate student reflection on ethical issues.

Students from CAS, RCEAS, and CBE will be presenting at the Symposium. 

Ethical issues—about whether something is right or wrong, good or bad, just or unjust, harmful or helpful, worthy or unworthy, better or worse, appropriate or inappropriate—arise continually in every academic discipline and everyday life. Lehigh University’s Undergraduate Ethics Symposium offers students from all three colleges and all academic disciplines an opportunity to learn and engage in discussions with their peers about a variety of these issues.  Lehigh students are encouraged to submit  papers, presentations, posters, or other projects examining ethical issues in their fields, at Lehigh, or in today’s society, including issues concerning bioethics, business, technology, identity, the environment, social justice, engineering, medicine, science, race, gender, class, media, education, international relations, health, religion, societies and cultures, politics, life at Lehigh, etc.

Accepted students will have the opportunity to present or display their work in presentation sessions or poster sessions.  Presentations will last about 10 minutes followed by a few minutes for audience questions and discussion. These dialogues, we hope, will serve the ultimate goal of continuing these important conversations on campus to make ethical issues a daily consideration in the lives of Lehigh students.

Lunch and snacks will be served.


The Center for Ethics is funded in part by the ENDOWMENT FUND for the TEACHING of ETHICAL DECISION-MAKING.